Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Professional Photos (Reception)

Finally, our professional reception photos. It was really hard just picking a few to post here, so check out the rest of the flickr collection if you want to see more. I might add one or two stragglers to that site sometime during the week, but otherwise I'm through uploading wedding photos.

I know I'm posting a lot of detail shots of flowers and craft projects, but being around all of our friends and family was really what made the day so special for us.

Like always, click each photo to enlarge and all should be credited to the amazing Mariano Delgado (although we added our own photoshop flourishes to #s 24 and 25 )

our sweetheart table

the table card for our sweet heart table

part of a garland of our parents' and grandparents' wedding photos (my grandparents above didn't have a wedding photo so we used this cute one instead)

my bouquet and some birds (i'll write a post about that project and our flowers soon)

our yummy cake. we also served mini fruit tarts, eclairs and several pies made by Jesse's mom

i'm about to stab my new groom

nope, we decide to eat cake instead!

first dance

about to toss the bouquet

my cousin, Kristin, is the lucky winner

Jesse congratulating Bucher for catching the garter

our getaway ride! (I'll post more about this soon, too)

Up Next: A return to the final detail posts and more honeymoon goodness from Jesse


Ms. 122 said...

BEAUTIFUL! love the flowers! love the stationery! love the favors! so awesome...

Jenna said...

You guys are going to be all over the wedding blogs soon. So many details that I love it's hard to choose just one. The bicycle built for two is hard to beat though. Beautiful wedding!

Abbie said...

Love your wedding! Such great details. Congrats!

deanna said...

aw, thanks so much ladies! you're making me blush.

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

oh my gosh your wedding was gorgeous! tell me you want to guest blog on EAD for a week and tell us all about it!

lindsay said...

where did you buy the funny glasses? do you know if they are available online? i would love to order some for my photobooth that i'm having at my wedding!

deanna said...

lindsay: we got ours from oriental trading. here's the link (sorry it's so long):


and in case the link no longer works, on their main menu, click "toys & novelties", when you get to that page click "novelty jewelry", then "sunglasses". they're the spacey eyeglasses on the second page in. good luck with your photobooth!

handmade romance said...

The most adorable wedding I have seen!
Congratulations to you both. I dont know how I ended up at your blog I was on a bit of a link trail but so glad I did - thanks for sharing your wedding with us.

Anonymous said...

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