Saturday, May 31, 2008

Guest Attire

I can't believe our year-and-a-half-plus engagement is finally six weeks away from it's end! We haven't posted in forever, mainly because we've been busy working on craft projects for the wedding and don't want to spoil them for the guests. So, I thought I'd post about something fun instead - guest attire!

photo from Martha Stewart Weddings Spring 2006, via bklynbride

So far, whenever anyone has asked what the dress code for the wedding will be, I've replied very vaguely "garden party attire" or "summer semi-formal", two expressions that don't help people out very much. So, in an attempt to be more helpful, I've written this post.

According to a recent post on (one of the numerous wedding blogs I read and will be glad to give up after July 12th), the two more formal terms for what I have in mind are:

Informal - Suits, or dress shirts with or without ties, and slacks for men; short or tea length party dresses for women.

Dressy Casual - Similar to the above, but khakis are also appropriate for men (but not Jeans), and sun dresses and skirts are included for women.

But, seriously, we love all of our guests and if they showed up in Halloween costumes we'd still welcome them with open arms.

I wish I remembered whose blog I stole this from, but I *heart* the kid dressed like the paper bag!