Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tasting at the Barn

We had our sampling at the Barn last weekend in Lancaster following two busy days of teaching. The food was excellent and Randy, our go-to guy there, was very attentive and helpful. We got to try almost all of the foods we had in mind for our brunch reception, as well as a few extras. I even managed to convince myself to taste a couple of foods I typically don't eat. I had to try them for the greater good of our guests. We were pretty stuffed by the time we got to the last two dishes, but managed to each at least nibble a piece of each dish. By the end we felt very full, and very happy with the food... then they brought out the desserts... We didn't really eat too much the rest of the day.
Randy sat down with us for a while afterward and we went over some more of the details. Deanna and I both feel really satisfied with the service, decor, and food, so I think we can now finally declare that our date for the wedding will be July 12, 2008. Yah!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Let me introduce....

......the newest member of our household! We've named him "Someday" for self-explanatory reasons. Jesse bought him from a 25 cent (50 cents thank you very much, she doesn't know how spoiled she is-Jesse) vending machine in our grocery store because he knows how much I want a dog. Yeah, it's not really the same.....but I still like him.

I've decided to keep the plastic egg he came in as his home because it makes him look like a future dog who lives in a space pod. He's joining the other pet Jesse made me:

.....the very cute, but still un-named blue bird.....

and they live on the wall above my desk along with the other inspirational odds and ends. If I take any more of these tiny creatures in, I'll start to have a faux pet menagerie, which is kind of sad and a little creepy. Guess I'll just have to get a real one soon!

p.s. - How come Jesse's not adding any posts? I'm sure he could come up with something slightly more wedding related then my weird fake pets to write about. thinks he's left our little blog for his more exciting Turnbull blog. Oh well, as long as I get him for the rest of his life....ha ha ha (evil laugh).

Another wedding for the Turnbulls

Last weekend, Jesse's brother, Dan, married his fiance, Brook, in the backyard of their parents' home. After a whirlwind two weeks of planning, much of the time spent pruning and gilding the backyard, the ceremony went off without a hitch! One caveat of the day was seeing Peter, the pastor who will be officiating our ceremony, perform a really lovely ceremony. So, thanks for the "test drive ", Dan and Brook, now we're even more excited for him to marry us! Here are a two photos from Saturday (click on the images
to enlarge them):

The bride and groom

All of my future in-laws from L to R:
Jesse's Dad, Brook, Will, Dan, Jesse & his super bright tie, and Jesse's Mom