Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Let me introduce....

......the newest member of our household! We've named him "Someday" for self-explanatory reasons. Jesse bought him from a 25 cent (50 cents thank you very much, she doesn't know how spoiled she is-Jesse) vending machine in our grocery store because he knows how much I want a dog. Yeah, it's not really the same.....but I still like him.

I've decided to keep the plastic egg he came in as his home because it makes him look like a future dog who lives in a space pod. He's joining the other pet Jesse made me:

.....the very cute, but still un-named blue bird.....

and they live on the wall above my desk along with the other inspirational odds and ends. If I take any more of these tiny creatures in, I'll start to have a faux pet menagerie, which is kind of sad and a little creepy. Guess I'll just have to get a real one soon!

p.s. - How come Jesse's not adding any posts? I'm sure he could come up with something slightly more wedding related then my weird fake pets to write about. thinks he's left our little blog for his more exciting Turnbull blog. Oh well, as long as I get him for the rest of his life....ha ha ha (evil laugh).

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