Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Music (Part 3)

And finally, the promised post about our ceremony music. First a little back story, though.

After deciding to get married in Lititz Springs Park, I spent a few weeks worrying that our day might devolve into Joy and Darnell's fabulously trashy park wedding from the television show, My Name is Earl, hostess twinkie cakes and all. Their wedding looked fun on TV, but wasn't what I had in mind for my own. So we decided we would hire a violinist to play at our ceremony to "class up" our little public park soiree. As the date loomed closer, though, our budget got tighter and our violinist contacts dried up. So we decided to stick with the itunes laptop again, and pay a really nice friend of Jesse's to man the operation. In the end, I'm actually really happy we made this decision. It was way cheaper, we got to pick very specific versions of personal songs, and we were able to hide Brett (Jesse's awesome friend) and our laptop on the side of the gazebo, so it didn't detract from the ceremony. The park even provided most of the speakers and cables.

The only ceremony photo including our awesome laptop helper. The expression on his face cracks me up.
(click to enlarge)

We couldn't make another mixwit compilation because most of our songs are either very specific or kind of obscure. So, instead you just get a little list. Sorry. We didn't want our ceremony to stick to the traditional music since it felt too stuffy for us, but we also didn't want to go crazy with pop music. I think we ended up with a nice balance, while still including a lot of subtle nods to movie sountracks since we're both such film nuts. Whenever I hear any of these songs now, it just brings me right back to that morning and makes me giddy.

Pre-ceremony Music (Played while the guests arrived)
  1. String Quartet in F Major - Ysaye Quartet (Royal Tennenbaum's Soundtrack)
  2. La Valse D'Amelie (Orchestra Version) - Amelie Soundtrack
  3. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness - The Smashing Pumpkins
  4. Claire De Lune - Debussy
Processional Music (Played while our mothers and my sister entered)
  1. Les Bulles - Carlos D'Alessio (Delicatessen Soundtrack)
Bridal Entrance
  1. Ave Maria - A simple piano & Violin version by the O'Neill Brothers
  1. Happiness (Jesse edited this down to just the chorus) - Elliott Smith
  2. Hey Jude (The Beatles Cover) - Mutato Muzika Orchestra (Royal Tennenbaums Soundtrack)
Up Next: we'll finish up our wedding blog with a very fitting final end post - our wedding video shot and edited by one of our extremely talented friends.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Music (Part 2)

Now we move on to the post meal dancing...
Again this is an abbreviated version of our dance playlist.
Deanna and I are not clubbers, and we aren't usually too up to date with the latest radio and MTV chart toppers. So when it came to picking out the dance music we had a little bit of trouble finding a way to balance the music we like, with the music you can actually dance to, and that our guests would enjoy. I think our only regret with the playlist is that we would have played slow songs more frequently. We found that people over 35 will not dance to anything but slow songs. There were plenty picked out, but we only ended up playing about 1/2 to 2/3 of our dance music. There were many reasons for this...
1- people didn't drink too much, most likely because it was an afternoon reception.
2- we had a really long playlist
3-we had to fit in cake cutting, throwing the bouquet, throwing the garter, announcements and so on.

So on with the music!

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

The MixWit songs are pretty accurate on this one. So I will let the list speak for itself for the most part. Here are a couple notes.

The songs are not in the order they were played.

#4 I like Ben Folds, Deanna does on occasion, but isn't a fan of this song. We did find that our parents and the older couples really liked this one though.

#9 This was our first dance song.This is credited to Jon Brion because he did a different mix of this song for the Punch Drunk Love Soundtrack (which was the version we used). It is actually sung by Shelly Duvall and was originally on the Popeye Soundtrack.

#10 This was Deanna's dance with her father.

#11 was my dance with my mother. Our family has always had close ties to all things Muppets, so this was a good pick for us.

#12 Everybody's Gonna Be Happy is a Kinks song, it was not labeled on the mix.

#13... no, we don't watch American Idol. We liked this song before it was ruined, and only hope there was enough space between that version and the wedding for people to forget Sanjaya's version of it.**Deanna thinks this comment sounds mean and claims no responsibility for it.**

#16 Ok, so the lyrics don't exactly speak of marital love, but its a really great cover, and Deanna likes "old sounding" songs.