Monday, April 16, 2007

Andrea's Wedding

Here are a couple of photos of my sister, Andrea and her new husband, Brent at their wedding, which was held in her backyard over the weekend. Since it was outside, of course we got thunderstorms all morning and even a tornado watch. Thankfully all of the rain cleared up just in time for the ceremony and all of the guests pitched in for a last minute set up. Her mother-in-law spent the whole year preparing their backyard by planting specific flowers and moving trees around and her father-in-law built the bamboo arch himself. I applaud them both - the space looked like an oasis. Congratulations, Andrea! Now my family just has one more wedding to go, let's hope it goes just as smoothly (my fingers are crossed).

Wedding dresses I won't be wearing

Jesse and I went down to Alabama over the weekend for my sister's wedding, which was wonderful (I'll post those photos in a second). While I was there I also went on my first wedding dress shopping trip with my mom. I know it's still really early to start looking at dresses, but since my parents live in Alabama and I live in Philadelphia, this was one of the only chances I would get to go with my Mom before the big day. We went to David's Bridals in Tuscaloosa, which was okay, but none of the dresses really stood out to me. I definitely didn't find "the one" or anything like that. At least now I have a better idea of what I'm looking for though (no halter dresses, no big frou frou skirts, and no crazy lace-all-over patterns) and my mom and I had fun. So, here are three that I definitely won't be wearing on my wedding day. And I should credit my Mom with the awesome camera skills.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Churches Churches!

Well last weekend Deanna and I ventured to my hometown of Lititz, Pa. We saw 8 or so churches in the Lancaster County area, got to look inside 5 or 6 of them, and attended three services. So we fit a lot of worshipping into two days. We saw some places we liked, and some we didn't, and got a better idea of what our options are as far as locations go. We plan on going back in the next few weeks to go to some more services. There were two churches we looked inside and liked, but didn't attend yet. So we will see how we like the priests. We are looking at Catholic churches so Deanna can feel a little more at home for the wedding. So we will report back after the next visit. Maybe we will have some pictures up if we think we have found a place we like. The one thing we did determine for sure is that we will not be having the reception in the Yellow Barn at Landis Valley.