Thursday, August 7, 2008

Professional Photos (getting ready & ceremony)

While Jesse's posting our honeymoon photos, I'll get to work on our professional photos. Mariano (our photographer) sent us almost 1200 photos in both color and black and white, so it's taking us a little while to sort through them all and pick our favorites. It's easier to break them down into chronological sets, so here is the first batch - photos taken while we were getting ready and during the ceremony in Lititz Springs Park. We're really happy with Mariano's work and he was a pleasure to be around on our wedding day. Looking through all of these photos is like reliving the day all over again. We would highly recommend him to other couples in the NY-NJ-PA area

My mom and dad kept me company in my hotel room before we got to the ceremony site. I'm showing my insane asylum smile so that clearly means I was excited for the day to begin.

Since Jesse didn't want to see me before I walked down the aisle, it meant that he had to get the ceremony site ready by himself (with help from our friends).

we're married!

Click on any of the photos to enlarge them. All photos credited to Mariano Delgado.

Larger versions of these and many more professional photos from this part of the day are posted here on our flickr site if you're interested.

Up next: Jesse and I romping around scenic Lancaster Co. before going to the reception


Kathryn said...

So excited to see some photos! Congratulations! :)

deanna said...

thanks kathryn! we'll post more soon!