Sunday, September 28, 2008

Music (Part 1)

Here is a selection of some of the music we played during our wedding brunch. We played our music off of a laptop and hooked into the reception location's sound system, so everything was cheap and sounded pretty good after a lot of mp3 testing and playlist setups. We used many instrumental songs as to not interrupt our guests' chatting too much. Most of the music was plucked from some of our favorite movie soundtracks. Both Deanna and I are movie junkies, so it was another nice way of making the day feel more like "us". The "food" playlist, as it was called, ended up being about an hour and 45 minutes. We wanted to give it a little extra buffer if things ended up taking longer than expected. Deanna's mother arrived early to start the music, so it was playing when everyone else entered. I think we played about an hour and a half of music from the start until the end of the meal.
The sampling here isn't spot on, some of the versions of songs were different, but it gets the point across.

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

1: The Theme from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Jon Brion

2: The Way I Feel Inside - The Zombies ( We used a different version, but its close)

3: Playground Love (from the Virgin Suicides) - Air (We used the vibraphone version, which is an instrumental)

4: After Hours - The Velvet Underground

5: Phone Call (also from Eternal Sunshine) - Jon Brion

6: A Well Respected Man - The Kinks

7: Just Like Honey - The Jesus and Mary Chain (cause we liked it in Lost in

8: Hey Jude (from Royal Tenenbaums) - Cover by Mutato Muzika Orchestra (We used a lot of Mark Mothersbaugh music from the Wes Anderson movies, and yes I know a lot of this makes us come off as hipsters... sorry)

9: We Are Going to Be Friends - The White Stripes

I will put up a similar post soon about our dance and ceremony music, so stay tuned.


missy said...

when i was pregnant, i put headphones on my belly playing 'we are going to be friends' :)

your wedding was super duper cute.. i cant wait to read more about it.. i just started looking today, so i'll have to work my way backwards.

Jesse said...

It doesn't get much cuter than headphones on a baby belly playing that song. glad you found us:)

Andi Pandi said...

Everybody talks about using an Ipod, but personally, I've always wanted to use the laptop approach. It seems like it would provide more freedom if you wanted to add a requested song or make changes if needed. Thanks for sharing, I love new playlists!

Jesse said...

There were a couple determining factors with the ipod vs laptop...
The ipod (1st gen nano at least) couldn't do fade in and outs between songs, and the output quality isn't as high. The laptop did give up more freedom, but you need a guard, cause people like to here the song they want to hear at that second, especially after a couple of drinks.
But we broke things down into different playlists and had a friend MC and another work the computer.

potty mouth mama said...

Your wedding is so beautiful and inspiring. One of the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen. I'm already married, but dang, if I could do it all over again, I'd be using you guys as the benchmark. Sweet and full of love. Thanks for sharing your story.

Jesse said...

That's really sweet Potty Mouth, thank you for the kind words. I don't think there is a lot we would have changed.

Anonymous said...

Deanna or Jesse,

Hello! I'm doing post cards through vista print for my save-the-date's i've designed for my wedding. I got their name from seeing your blog. I was wondering - were both sides glossy or only one?


deanna said...

hi evie!

with vistaprint, only one side is glossy. you used to be able to choose if you wanted a matte or glossy finish on the front, but i can't find that option on their website anymore. good luck with your save-the-dates!

Anonymous said...

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