Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More details about those birds

I've gotten several requests lately for patterns and more detailed instructions for our little fabric birds.

While I'm very flattered that so many brides-to-be liked them, this is also kind of a touchy subject for me. As a self-employed freelance illustrator, I know how hard it is to make a living off of your artwork, and while my birds aren't nearly as cute as Ann Wood's, they were very heavily influenced by hers, so I'm leery of doing anything to cut into her business. That's one reason why it wouldn't sit right with me to make or sell these for a profit.

On the other hand, I also know what it's like to be a bride on a budget and how frustrated I felt when I first started experimenting on mine. So, instead of detailed instructions, I'll post all of the links that I found helpful and add a few more tips. You can also look back at my original bird post for my very general instructions.

mrs. penguin's handmade bird toppers from - general details and photos of the making-of process.

spool's bird mobile pattern - these birds look a little different, but they offer a free pdf pattern you can download. I actually used a modified version of this pattern to make the bodies for mine. I extended the belly piece further up to form a face, attached wings, and made a separate larger tail. I also found that threading wire through the tail helps make it bendable.

peonies and polaroids hand made bird instructions
- detailed instructions with photos. i didn't use these to make mine, but her tips were very helpful.

So, you can see there are quite a few different ways to make the little birds, but they usually require a lot of time and a little bit of experimentation. I hope this is helpful, without stepping on anyone's toes. Good luck!

Up Next: Music (finally)


Jess said...

Hi Jesse and Deanna, I saw your wedding on Snippet and Ink and your wedding looked beautiful! I'm actually in Philly and getting married next summer - I hope to borrow and adapt some of your ideas :) What bridal salon did you get your dress at?

deanna said...

hi jess! i found it at Bridal's by Danielle (at 13th, between Walnut and Locust street). Even though I told them that I was a bride on a tight budget, the woman who helped me was completely awesome and still treated me like a customer who was spending a million bucks. she showed me their rack of samples and also let me try on some bridesmaid dresses. they do have tons of high end styles, as well, if that's more of what you have in mind. i highly recommend them and i think they have a website. good luck with your planning! i'll have to check out your blog!

Denise said...

Wow. Just came across your blog randomly. Loved your photos! Oddly, my wedding (10.25.08) is going to be pretty similar. Brunch reception, etc. Even my DRESS is similar. You have good taste! :)

deanna said...

aw, thank you, denise! apparently you have good taste, too;)

good luck with all of your wedding plans!

Lesley Denford said...

Hi Deanna and Jesse, I am TOTALLY ENTHRALLED by your adorable (and budget friendly) wedding! You've given me so much inspiration for my own wedding...even though I'm nowhere near marriage at the moment. :) All the best to you two!

deanna said...

thanks so much, lesley!

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