Saturday, January 26, 2008

my seamstress is a superhero

You know how in my wedding shoe post, I described all of the klutziness precautions (ankle straps, thick heels, etc) my shoes had to have? There is a reason for that I constantly have to be prepared for falling down, spilling staining liquid, and breaking priceless objects. Here is a story to illustrate why.

While at my wedding dress alterations appointment a couple of weekends ago, everything seemed to be going swimmingly. Karen, my seamstress, was very pleasant and confidently started pinning up the sides as soon as I put my dress on. Well, no more than five minutes passed before atrocity struck. While chatting with Karen about whether I wanted my hem one inch off the floor or floor length (I opted for 1 inch due to our outdoor ceremony), I felt a wetness on the thumb and index fingers of my right hand. Looking down, I saw that they were covered in blood! Without even wondering what had happened, I immediately checked to see if any had fallen on my dress. My heart almost stopped. My once snow white silk dress now had two bright crimson exclamation points of horror running along the side of it!!

When Karen had pinned the sides of my dress, some of the sharp ends of the pins were facing up and because I gesticulate wildly when I talk (and have the deadly combination of poor coordination and lack of perception), my thumb brushed against them without me even noticing. As soon as I alerted Karen, she sprang into superhero mode, wrapping my thumb in a kleenex while blotting out the blood with a damp paper towel at the same time. Amazingly, the blood spots came completely out! The water dried without leaving a mark! That is why I love my seamstress even before I've seen any of her finished alterations to my dress.

That is also why I'm going to have to wrap may hands completely in cotton and avoid all dark liquids and messy food on my wedding day. Me and white silk just don't get along.

p.s. - Sorry I can't post photos of the alterations process. my future mother in law was awesome and took many, but Jesse is still determined not to see my dress before the big day.

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