Tuesday, December 18, 2007

suit up!

Jesse found his wedding suit last weekend! The boy has at least three suits in his closet, but all are hand-me-downs that he has to rig with a belt to keep from falling off him. We figured the wedding would be a good excuse for him to buy a suit that actually fit. He totally lucked out. A men's clothing shop in the mall was going out of business, so he found an fantastic black BCBG for a fraction of its original price (It used to be $800.00!). Best of all, it fits him like a glove. For those of you who've met Jesse, you know that he's kinda a slender guy, so he'd expected any suit he found to still need some pretty drastic doctoring. But this one only needs the trouser legs hemmed an inch! yay.

The tie he's wearing is just a stand-in (it's actually navy instead of black), but I like the pattern on it. I told him to give me his best "male model" face. He just smirked at that request, but I think he looks pretty debonair anyway.

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LadyT said...

what an amazing find!!!!