Monday, June 4, 2007

Birthday Cake!

My Birthday was Saturday and Jesse surprised me by making this awesome cake! Neither of us are huge cake fans, but I think it was more about the making it than the eating it. The bear mold came from his mom, who used to make him all kinds of elaborately shaped cakes when he was little (i've heard about cakes shaped like transformers, mickey mouse, wolverine, and his own little teddy bear cake at least, although there are probably others, too). And the little molds to make the tiny bear's cake came from his friend, Dave, who makes tons of beautiful cakes and cookies. So, thanks for the help, Jesse's Mom and Dave! I helped him decorate it and suffice it to say, we won't be decorating our own wedding cake, although we did have a lot of fun.


ariane said...

jeezycreezy, that bear is unholyadorable.

deanna said...

haha..yeah, that's why it felt exra wrong when jesse ate a big chunk out of its head.