Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Ball is Officially Rolling!

What are these random pictures of ducks, you may ask and what do they have to do with wedding blog? Well I just wanted to introduce you to some of our future wedding guests. Jesse and I FINALLY made one concrete wedding decision - we're going to have our ceremony in a gazebo in Lititz Springs Park. Yes, a park, after all of those churches we visited. This location just feels more representative of the two of us. But after what happened with Andrea's wedding, we made sure to promise my parents we'd be triple prepared for any kind of possible weather problems!

Jesse didn't want me to post any of the photos of actual site so as not to ruin the surprise (it's supposed to be a surprise?), but I'm sure you know what a gazebo looks like anyway. And as a teaser, if you look really hard you can see a corner of it on the right side of photo #3. Instead you get photos of some of the surrounding area of the park including the duck pond and the fountain. They even have little 25 cent vending machines along the stream that dispense hand fulls of duck food. How fun is that! So, if you get bored during the ceremony, feel free to feed the ducks.

In other good news, we also found an officiant who we both really like, a retired pastor who lives next door to Jesse's family. We talked to him for quite a while and both instantly felt comfortable with him. Now if only we could nail down a reception site....

p.s. - the upstanding gentlemen standing next to me in photo #2 is Jesse's Dad. Click on the pictures to enlarge.


Jen and Rob said...

Wow DD, it's beautiful! It reminds me of the park square in Savannah, GA. I'm glad you found a minister. Do you think you and Jessie will write your owns vows or go the more traditional route?


deanna said...

hm...haven't thought that far yet. we'll probably get advice from Peter, the Pastor who's going to perform the ceremony, and read over some traditional vows first.