Wednesday, March 21, 2007

yeah, now i'm even drawing brides....

This post has nothing to do with our own wedding plans, but it does have to do with brides, so it's going up.

This is an illustration I finished up over the weekend for the Baltimore Citypaper. It's being paired with a bridal gown sample sale listing in their "calender events" section. Their art director, Joe, is really awesome and since he knows that I'm engaged he thought I'd have the most fun with the assignment. And he's right since I've already been spending too much time looking at tons of pictures of wedding gowns on the web, why not chalk it up to "research"?

In other news, Jesse and I are making our second attempt to go to Lititz this weekend to start looking at churches. Let's cross our fingers and hope some decisions get made!

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Anonymous said...

So is this the style gown you are considering? Beware of the shoes!!
Have your mom take pictures when you go dress shopping!I'd love to see them, and they're fun to look back on.
Love ya!