Thursday, February 22, 2007

Welcome to our wedding page!

Well Deanna and I are about to embark on a year(+) long journey into wedding preperation and planning. This weekend we are going to start looking for wedding and reception locations in my hometown of Lititz, Pa. I know it would be more customary to have the wedding in the bride's hometown, but we decided more of our guests will be coming from the northern region rather than the south, so it makes more sense for everyone's traveling purposes. I was more than willing to have the wedding in Alabama, but I'm happy to be celebrating this event back home. So Deanna and I are going to be updating this blog to let you the reader (whoever you are) know where we are at with planning, where we are registering, what are the colors, and all that fun stuff. Suggestions and recommendations are more than welcome. Thankfully, this is our first time planning a wedding, so we are still pretty new when it comes to this stuff.

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